The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest has recently come to a close and Jim Hannon of The Absolute Sound had some positive things to say regarding Rogers High Fidelity 34S-1 integrated amplifier under what he categorized as: “Auspicious Debuts: Electronics”.


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Rogers High Fidelity is excited to announce our new Premier Upgrade Program!

What is this program?
This is a limited time program where customers can trade-in select McIntosh and Audio Research two channel amplifiers and receive up to 75% of their current market value. This value can be placed towards purchasing a new Rogers High Fidelity integrated amplifier and/or phono stage.

When does this program start?
The limited time program will start August 1, 2016.

What are some of the conditions?
Inspection and verification of trade-in is the sole responsibility of any Rogers verified dealer. Trade-in models must be in working order and have not been modified in any way and have no cosmetic damages.

• Only products listed on Premier Program materials apply.

• Mono Block units must be traded in as a pair.

• Both Tube Type and Solid State amplifiers are included in this program.

• One Trade is allowed for each new model ordered.

• Trade-in Premier dollar amount cannot exceed Rogers High Fidelity MSRP on any model.

What is the list of the accepted products for trade-ins?

For the select McIntosh and Audio Research two channel amplifiers, see the list below:

-MC275 II
-MC275 III
-MC275 IV
-MC275 V
-MC275 VI

McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers
Audio Research
-Vsi 75
-Gsi 75
-Vsi 60
-Vsi 55
-DSI 200
-CA 50
-Ref 75SE

Made in America, Guaranteed for Life.

While some things in America were built to last because they had to, Rogers understands the importance of equipment’s reliability even in today’s time.  Born from American aerospace, Rogers High Fidelity provides products with Class A operation, military and NASA specification components, point to point Teflon wiring and all are carefully manufactured to the highest specifications.

For more than 20 years, Roger Gibboni has spent his professional career designing and manufacturing high tech communications and radar equipment for the Department of Defense, NASA and several other agencies with demanding communications and engineering requirements. Roger brings this high quality engineering and manufacturing expertise to the home audio market when he founded Rogers High Fidelity in 2009.

Hand made with pride, precision components and expertise.



April is Animal Cruelty Prevention Month! Rogers High Fidelity cares deeply about animal welfare and has a special offer for this great cause. Supporters can help celebrate this month not only by raising awareness about important issues facing animals—but also through purchasing Rogers High Fidelity amplifiers!


During the month of April, $100 of every Rogers amplifier that is purchased will go towards ANY organization of your choosing for the animals in need worldwide.






The 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed in an article on The Absolute Sound for its unique app feature, which was highlighted on a list under, “Auspicious Debuts”.

Also, Rogers was mentioned again under, “JM’s Best of Show” for Most Significant Product Introduction.

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15 Jan 2016

Rogers 34S-1 on Stereophile

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Rogers High Fidelity was mentioned on Stereophile on January 14, 2016. Particularly, the 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed, with its features and sound quality discussed.

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14 Jan 2016

Rogers Wins 2016 TWICE Picks Award

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TWICE announced winners of their 2016 TWICE Picks Awards. Twice honored what they considered to be, “the most innovative, ground-breaking, disruptive products introduced at CES 2016”.

– Rogers was among one of the announced winners –

High Performance Stereo: Rogers High Fidelity 34S-1


TWICE chose the winners based on several criteria including innovation, marketability and wow factor.
Rogers and other winners will be featured in the upcoming Jan. 25 print edition of TWICE, as well as a special digital supplement that will be sent to TWICE subscribers, which will have further coverage of each product, including features and photos.


As CES 2016 wrapped up this week in Las Vegas, Rogers was found to be featured in CES Daily magazine, January 9, 2016 – Day Four Edition, on page 50 of the audio section.
The new 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed. Some general information and features were highlighted and can be seen below.


Rogers High Fidelity Unveils the 34S-1 High-Performance Class A Integrated Amplifier with Eight EL-34 Power Tubes

January 6, 2016 / Warwick, NY: Rogers High Fidelity debuts its’ anxiously anticipated, class A, high-performance Eight-tube Class A Integrated Amplifier, the 34S-1 at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.

Roger's High Fidelity new 34S-1 Amplifier photographed on Thursday, December 17, 2015.  © Chet Gordon • Photographer

Roger’s High Fidelity new 34S-1 Amplifier © Chet Gordon • Photographer

Powered by eight EL-34 analog vacuum tubes, the 34S-1 integrated amplifier delivers monster performance and a dazzling listening experience. Consistent with Rogers High Fidelity’s gold-standard requirements, this Class A integrated Amplifier boasts superior precision, aerospace engineering and hand-made craftsmanship that presents a new level of realism in audio reproduction.

 © Chet Gordon • Photographer

© Chet Gordon • Photographer

The Model 34S-1 flexes these dynamic features:

• Eight EL-34 tubes–four, for each channel and eight total for stereo operation following a true dual mono design
• Class A operation, military specification components, point to point Teflon wiring all carefully manufactured to the highest specifications
• Control capability via Bluetooth connection to both Apple and Android smartphone applications the 34S-1 displays on application control functions of all the amplifiers features: Ultra-linear and triode modes, Volume, Input and the Status of the power tubes in real time operation using visual indicators.
• Dual power supply circuit can easily handle large dynamic transitions in the audio signal being delivered while maintaining a smooth and clear midrange; vocals are presented with a truly rich and warm feel.
• Auto bias circuit for long tube life and ease of operation.
• One piece billet aluminum front panel, aviation grade quality chassis all made in the USA in Warwick New York
• Lifetime transferable warranty.

DSC_4667 small

The 34S-1 provides state of the art noise and distortion performance using all Teflon wiring and mil spec components. Another bonus feature is the isolation of each audio channel using a dual power supply design and a dual mono circuit point to point design. Even the most critical of listeners of the 34S-1 will enjoy the finest, organic tube sound quality with stunning three-dimensionality, low-level detail-retrieval and holographic sound staging.

In addition to releasing the 34S-1integrated amplifier at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Rogers High Fidelity is demonstrating its current top-of-the-line Integrated Amplifier, the EHF-200 MK2—featuring the latest power tube on the market, the KT150. This new tube emphasizes power, headroom and perfect tonal qualities.

DSC_4635 DSC_4648 DSC_4683 DSC_4651

Rogers High Fidelity continues to bring to market the latest technologies, the best sound and an all-aerospace design. Come see and hear the newest addition to our Rogers High Fidelity product line by visiting the Rogers’ team at CES 2016, Venetian Hotel Suite # 29-124.

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Warwick, NY, Rogers High Fidelity specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance audio products. All Rogers High Fidelity products are completely made in the USA with the finest components, and feature a lifetime transferable warranty.

1 2 3

President and Chief designer Roger Gibboni applies his 30 years in aerospace communications design to create visionary solutions for true audio reproduction.


Also, the ultimate control application easily integrates Apple® iOS® and Android™ devices with the Rogers High Fidelity Control System to monitor tube status and control all amplifier functions.

34S-1 MSRP- TBD / Available March 2016


The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology trade show that takes place every January in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Please visit our display in Las Vegas at the International CES, show room 29-124 at the Venetian Hotel. Our founder and lead designer, Roger Gibboni, will join several other industry experts to present the finest audio products available.


– NEW Product Debut –


Rogers will be debuting their NEW Flagship Integrated Amplifier, the 34S-1!

34S-1 – a new unique Class A amplifier using:
• EL-34 Tubes in Dual quad per-channel design
• Plus a unique Bluetooth Control Interface

Copyright 2015 Rogers High Fidelity.