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Rogers High Fidelity ComponentsWe wanted to design and manufacture the highest quality audio amplifier using military, spacecraft and RCA design heritage and build it at an affordable price. We are passionate about high power vacuum tube engineering and committed to producing a unique and highly sophisticated amplifier for the high-end audio consumer.

rogers high fidelity vacuum tubesSome audio experts prefer the sound produced with the tube amplifiers on the grounds that it is more natural and satisfying than the sound from typical transistor amplifiers. Vacuum tube circuits have clipping and saturation characteristics that produce harmonic content differently than solid state devices making them sound richer and more natural (musical). Tubes are also electric field devices rather than current devices and reproduce thermal noise in a truer fashion – this yields a more dynamic soundstage with richer detail and a more natural sound. Natural harmonic and noise reproduction make tube amplifiers a warmer more desirable amplification process.

rogers high fidelity EHF-100_and_EHF-200

  • The Rogers EHF-100 and 200 are both full class A amplifiers through the entire operating dynamic range.
  • The EHF-100 is designed with a push-pull power stage in a Rogers “Ultra Linear” configuration yielding excellent linearity as well as excellent cancellation.
  • Rogers “Ultra Linear” configuration produces all of the power output of a pentode stage with linearity as good as triode!
  • EHF-200 has a proprietary switching mode to select either pentode or triode operation.
  • Both the EHF-100 and 200 have proprietary ultra-stable, auto-bias networks that operate at the “sweet spot” on every output tube eliminating bias adjustments and allowing for individual tube replacements – no matched pairs or quads required!

Rogers High Fidelity Components

  • Tubes – Power tubes are Russian, cryogenically aged and are 100% screened
  • Signal Resistors – Mil-Spec, Metal film provides the best aging characteristics (RN55, RN65)
  • Power Resistors – Mil-Spec, Polypropane or silver mica
  • Power Supply Capacitors – Mil-Spec, High quality electrolytic
  • Tube Sockets – Micalex – long life, no heat induced aging characteristics
  • Wire – Mil-Spec, Silver plated, Teflon coated Mil-W-16878
  • Binding Posts – Furutech Rhodium Plated solid copper W/carbon fiber insulators
  • Transformers – Massive, 1/2 kilowatt power transformer

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