Hi-Fi Sales Company will be hosting an event with the Titans of the Audio Industry, featuring VPI, Genesis Advanced Technlogies, Theoretica Applied Physics & Rogers High Fidelity. RSVP for a great afternoon of Vinyl, Digital, Solid State and Tubes!

Gary Koh started Genesis Advanced Technologies in 2002 to carry on the legacy of Genesis Technologies, founded by legendary speaker designer Arnie Nudell. Gary has carried on the same tradition of delivering bleeding edge technology in the service of the advancement of the state of the art. Gary & his Washington-Made speakers have since gone on to win numerous industry awards and recognition from the audiophile press, and more importantly, proud owners the world over.

Rogers High Fidelity of New York design & build by a simple credo: ”What you make people feel is as important as what you make”. To that point, Rogers High Fidelity makes impressions that last a lifetime by building Tube Amplifiers that are warranted for a lifetime.

VPI Industries of Cliffwood New Jersey is arguably the most succesful turntable manufacturer in the United States of the last 35 years. All Audiophiles who care about vinyl playback have heard of the HW-19, The Classic and The Prime turntables, and speak in hushed tones about The Avenger and The Titan. However, it is their newest Gimbaled and Unipivot tonearms called “The Fat Boy” that have their legions of fans excited and their competition nervous.

Professor Edgar Choueiri of Princeton University and founder of Theoretica Applied Physics is the creator of the BACCH SP Adio 3D Sound Processor. The BACCH SP is, in our experience, the most revolutionary product developed for the playback of stereo recordings in the last 30 years. Everyone who has experienced 3D Sound has walked away profoundly changed by what is possible with a pair of speakers. You will be too.

On Saturday, May 19th from 12 to 5pm, find out what happens when State of
Art manufacturers of different and seemingly disparate disciplines and technologies work together in concert to create a playback experience that is both harmonious and unlike anything you’ll experience at any other dealer showroom in the united States today. RSVP now for a wonderful afternoon of music, technology, food and refreshments.

The System:
VPI Titan Turntable and Fat Boy Gimballed and Unipivot Tonearms.
Genesis Advanced Technologies Maestro Loudspeakers (Cartridge selections by Gary Koh)
Rogers High Fidelity PA-1A Tubed Phono Stage and 34S-1 Flagship Integrated Amplifier
Theoretica Applied Physics BACCH SP Adio 3D Sound Processor/Network Streamer.


HI-Fi Sales

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Safe & Sound Inc.

428 East St, Chicopee, MA 01020

Phone: (413) 594-6460


Meet our newest dealer in the Massachusetts / Berkshires area, Safe & Sound Audio!

Safe & Sound in Chicopee has been serving Massachusetts residents since the 80’s with personalized service unmatched in our industry.

On display now is our ALL AMERICAN MADE 65V-1 integrated amplifier (only $3,995!!), EHF-200 MK2 integrated amplifier and PA-1A Phone Preamplifier. We are making beautiful sound with Klipsch Forte III loudspeakers. Safe & Sound also has our amplifiers connected to the entire range of Martin Logan Electrostatic loudspeakers along with a variety of models from Monitor Audio.

Contact Safe & Sound today for your personalized demo-

ROGERS EHF-200 MK2 Integrated Amplifier

ROGERS PA-1A Phono Preamplifier

ROGERS 65V-1 Integrated Amplifier

Meet our newest dealer, HI-Fi Sales!

HI-Fi Sales

1732 Marlton Pike East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Phone: (856) 751-1100


We are excited to announce our award winning amplifiers are now available in the Philadelphia area!

HiFi Sales in Cherry Hill, NJ has been serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area for decades with premium products and best in class service.

On display now is our EHF-200 MK2 amplifier feeding a pair of Focal Sopra series loudspeakers. Source equipment is a VPI Avenger turntable with Ortofon cartridge connected to our PA-1A phono-preamplifier. It is pure magic!

Contact HiFi Sales today for your personalized demo-

ROGERS EHF-200 MK2 Integrated Amplifier

ROGERS PA-1A Phono Preamplifier

The March issue of The Absolute Sound features their Editors’ Choice Awards. In this annual feature, writers recommend components that they would buy themselves or recommend to family and friends.

The Absolute Sound recognizes Rogers High Fidelity – Editors’ Choice for 2018 includes: the EHF-200 Mk2 and the EHF-100 MK2.

15 Jan 2018

CES 2018: Rogers High Fidelity

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KLH, the legendary speaker brand co-founded by Henry Kloss, is back with a new owner and a full line of new speakers being shown at the 2018 CES show being driven by Rogers High Fidelity class A tube amplifier models EHF-200 MK2, EHF-100 MK2 and the latest model release the 65V-1.

The new owner of Klipsch is veteran David P. Kelley who is operating the company in Noblesville, Indiana. He’s starting out fairly ambitiously with the big electrostatic speaker pictured. That’s the classic Model Nine.

It is being built in Columbus, Ohio under the supervision of David Janszen, son of Arthur Janszen, the Nine’s original designer. The new KLH line is built with great attention to detail such as tinsel leads, chrome screws, and beautiful veneers, just like the company’s origins,

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