We’re very happy to see the Roger’s EHF200 reviewed on the Italian website Quotidiano Audio.

Another rave review of our amplifiers.

First let me say that the more I sit and listen and have the EHF-100 in my system the more the sound seems to improve. And yes, my pessimistic super hearing Golden Eared friends will tell me that this is a psychoacoustic effect and I am simply acclimating to the sound. Not so! There is much more to be said. My primary listening preference is always the sound of a human voice, it is this I know best. I will use a wonderful Clarity Cable compilation demo disc given to me at the Las Vegas CES, it is this disc that I now refer too.

Great post about Roger’s High Fidelity amplifiers on Adirondack Audio Video’s website.

We are happy to announce that the November issue of Stereophile Magazine features a glowing review of our EHF-100 integrated amplifier. The reviewer Art Dudley concludes with:

“In my 28 years of writing professionally about domestic audio, I’ve reported on the products of literally scores of startup companies. None of them has approached, let alone matched, the level of professionalism evident in the Rogers High Fidelity EHF-100. From its design and construction through its packaging and documentation, this amp is among the most mature products I’ve had the pleasure of testing, from a company of any age.”

Read the full article on HERE

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