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The 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed in an article on The Absolute Sound for its unique app feature, which was highlighted on a list under, “Auspicious Debuts”.

Also, Rogers was mentioned again under, “JM’s Best of Show” for Most Significant Product Introduction.

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15 Jan 2016

Rogers 34S-1 on Stereophile

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Rogers High Fidelity was mentioned on Stereophile on January 14, 2016. Particularly, the 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed, with its features and sound quality discussed.

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14 Jan 2016

Rogers Wins 2016 TWICE Picks Award

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TWICE announced winners of their 2016 TWICE Picks Awards. Twice honored what they considered to be, “the most innovative, ground-breaking, disruptive products introduced at CES 2016”.

– Rogers was among one of the announced winners –

High Performance Stereo: Rogers High Fidelity 34S-1


TWICE chose the winners based on several criteria including innovation, marketability and wow factor.
Rogers and other winners will be featured in the upcoming Jan. 25 print edition of TWICE, as well as a special digital supplement that will be sent to TWICE subscribers, which will have further coverage of each product, including features and photos.


As CES 2016 wrapped up this week in Las Vegas, Rogers was found to be featured in CES Daily magazine, January 9, 2016 – Day Four Edition, on page 50 of the audio section.
The new 34S-1 Integrated Amplifier was discussed. Some general information and features were highlighted and can be seen below.


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