Certified Pre-Owned

Rogers High Fidelity® builds high performance audio gear to last a lifetime. Really several lifetimes! We are offering a new service to our valued customers. Factory certified previously owned and demo gear. All previously owned and demo gear goes through our rigorous testing and listening process that all of our new factory units undergo. The gear gets all of the factory engineering updates, new tubes as necessary and ships in the same configuration as the equivalent factory new models. This great gear ships in factory new boxes sealed at the Rogers High Fidelity® factory. Best of all, all of the previously owned or demo units come with our legendary lifetime warranty. Just call with any questions, we can process your order right from our factory.

Our certified pre-owned products are currently listed for sale on Ebay but please contact us directly prior to purchase for best service.

Phone: 1.845.987.7744
Email: roger@rogershighfidelity.com

If you are interested in brand new products, please visit our shop.

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