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Rogers High Fidelity is excited to announce our new Premier Upgrade Program!

What is this program?
This is a limited time program where customers can trade-in select McIntosh and Audio Research two channel amplifiers and receive up to 75% of their current market value. This value can be placed towards purchasing a new Rogers High Fidelity integrated amplifier and/or phono stage.

When does this program start?
The limited time program will start August 1, 2016.

What are some of the conditions?
Inspection and verification of trade-in is the sole responsibility of any Rogers verified dealer. Trade-in models must be in working order and have not been modified in any way and have no cosmetic damages.

• Only products listed on Premier Program materials apply.

• Mono Block units must be traded in as a pair.

• Both Tube Type and Solid State amplifiers are included in this program.

• One Trade is allowed for each new model ordered.

• Trade-in Premier dollar amount cannot exceed Rogers High Fidelity MSRP on any model.

What is the list of the accepted products for trade-ins?

For the select McIntosh and Audio Research two channel amplifiers, see the list below:

-MC275 II
-MC275 III
-MC275 IV
-MC275 V
-MC275 VI

McIntosh Integrated Amplifiers
Audio Research
-Vsi 75
-Gsi 75
-Vsi 60
-Vsi 55
-DSI 200
-CA 50
-Ref 75SE

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